B4PN Weekly Announcement

2 min readFeb 13, 2021

Update #2 — November 26, 2020

1. A new report from BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt (supporters of Chryssa’s work, the League of Intrapraneurs)

Report: Tech Innovations Changing the World. We just launched a report featuring insights from the RESPOND startups and international experts. The publication in partnership with Sifted is a deep dive into sustainable business models, innovative technologies, and responsible leadership towards the change that our society needs. Hot off the press: “Protect. Empower. Transform. Tech Innovations Changing the World.”

2. TELUS released their new Pollinator Fund for Good. The TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good is investing in the future of responsible business to create a world where purpose and profit go hand-in-hand. They will also launch this at MaRS Impact Week

3. Sustainable Finance. Canada’s leading financial institutions commit $5M to Institute for Sustainable Finance at the Smith School at Queens. This funding will support ISF’s mission of aligning mainstream financial markets with Canada’s transition to a lower carbon economy. The Institute for Sustainable Finance is based at Smith School of Business, Queen’s University and is supported by the Ivey Foundation, the McCall MacBain Foundation, the Chisholm Thomson Family Foundation, the McConnell Foundation, and now TD Bank Group, Scotiabank, CIBC, BMO and RBC.

Some news from our Members

1. CBSR has just released their Member News and Policy Brief. Great news about the sustainability targets of Enbridge

2. TheFutureEconomy. As part of their Investment Attraction Series, I was interviewed by TheFutureEconomy on Toronto’s Tech and Innovation Ecosystem and did manage to fit in a section on business for purpose — please listen if you are having trouble sleeping at night (and warning to our colleagues not based in Ontario it is all about promoting TO — my apologies)




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