Business for Purpose Network (B4PN) Weekly Announcement.

3 min readJul 19, 2021


Update #30 — June 18, 2021

1.0 PROGRAMMING. Join the next Social Purpose Innovators cohort at the Social Purpose Institute (SPI), a founding member of the B4PN. SPI describes a Social Purpose Business as “a company whose enduring reason for being is to create a better world. It is an engine for good, creating social benefits by the very act of conducting business. Its growth is a positive force in society. They are currently taking applications for the Fall 2021 cohort so please check out the Social Purpose Innovators page to determine if this program is a fit for you and register.

2.0 MORE FROM THE UK. Just reinforcing this message one more time from the Institute of Directors: 6 in 10 Firms Believe They Should Not Exist Solely To Make Money. Amin Aboushagor, Policy Advisor at the Institute of Directors, commented: “Corporate purpose has taken on a greater emphasis during the pandemic, particularly seeing how many businesses grappled with the challenges posed by COVID-19. “The way that customers, employees, suppliers, and other important stakeholders are treated matters, and their views and interests must be considered alongside that of shareholders. In this new business world, we encourage directors to reconsider the purpose of their companies and the societal problems that they seek to solve.”

3.0 EVENTS. Trending Towards a New Era of Corporate Purpose. June 24, 2021. 1 pm EST. Benevity Webinar. Free to register. “This is your chance to dig into new research from Giving USA’s … annual report, released June 15. Benevity Impact Labs will also unravel the top trends from our first annual State of Corporate Purpose report, with predictions for what’s to come. It’s showing the events of 2020 ushered in a new era — one shaped by the rise of consumer and employee activism — that’s revolutionizing how brands will catalyze purpose to drive meaningful engagement and change in a hybrid world.”

4.0 ADVANCING THE SDGS. Global Compact Network Canada is hosting an Informational Webinar on June 24th at 1 pm EST to outline their SDG Ambition Accelerator program. This program is designed to “empower and equip participating companies of the UN Global Compact to develop and implement innovative business strategies that significantly increase their positive impact on the 17 SDSs”. This is available to Canadian companies.

5.0 CHAMPIONS OF PURPOSE. How Mars (the chocolate company) Used Technology to Center Purpose During the Pandemic. Note this is part of a Mars sponsored series in Triple Pundit entitled: Lead on Purpose: How values drive business in uncertain times. So how does Mars define their purpose? “The world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today.” They believe a focus on purpose and a turn toward technology proved invaluable as the company looked to pivot in the early months of the pandemic.

Please note: groups define “purpose” in many different ways. We suggest you check out what the event organizer means by their use of the term purpose to see if it resonates with your understanding and will advance your work in this space.

Quote of the week: “For businesses, the message is clear — young people believe in companies with a purpose-driven strategy. These are the companies that will lead in the post-pandemic future. “Deloitte survey reveals “resilient generation”: Millennials and Gen Zs hit hard by COVID-19 pandemic, yet view this period as an opportunity to reset, take action.” June 25, 2020

Enjoy the reading and enjoy the week-end … on purpose!


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