Business for Purpose Network (B4PN). Weekly Announcements

#35 (July 30, 2021) and #34 (July 23, 2021)

Compiled by Allyson Hewitt, VP Impact, MaRS Discovery District.

Weekly Announcement #34. July 23, 2021

#ONE — Watch It Back

Building Inclusion from the ground up: A Next Economy conversation with Kalen Taylor. Centre for Social Innovation. July 18, 2021. Social Entrepreneur Kalen Taylor discusses how Purpose Construction is weaving social enterprise, innovative social finance tools, and affordable housing to create positive social impact in what they believe to be a replicable, scalable manner. (Video, ~1 hour, if short on time, tune in at 45:30 to hear about how this purposeful work has a foundation upon which to grow)

#TWO — Retaining Impact Talent

Hybrid Workforces: Three Tips To Retain Talent And Impact Your Community. Forbes. July 14, 2021. With almost half of employees looking for a new job in 2021, organizations must stay competitive by finding ways to help both current and prospective employees engage and connect. At Okta, Chief People Officer Kristina Johnson has done just that, by reimagining the ways they approach social impact as a company. She states that social impact is “no longer a nice to have” but rather, a “need to have.”

#THREE — Canadian Purpose Leadership

Mark Carney on a values-led economy. strategy+business. July 14, 2021. An interview with Mark Carney about the shape of the recovery and how businesses can contribute to a purposeful future. He argues against an economy in which “the price of everything is becoming the value of everything,” and for a vision, in line with prevailing trends in business, in which corporations and markets make returns for shareholders, but whose core purpose is to “improve our lives, expand our horizons, and solve society’s problems, both large and small.”

#FOUR — Executive Education on Purpose

The Oxford Economics of Mutuality Executive Education Program from Oxford’s Saïd Business School is open to all organizations across sectors and geographies. Previously delivered to select partners only, the program is a fully online opportunity that will “equip you to handle the duty and the opportunity to reposition the corporation positively, in ways that reflect the changing needs of society and the planet.” One of the three key ideas behind Oxford’s Economics of Mutuality is the primacy of purpose in driving strategy. Purpose-based business education is not mainstream but with top post-secondary institutions leading by example, hopefully there’s more to come.

#FIVE — Research (International)

The Enacting Purpose Initiative released its second report targeting Directors and Investors: Building on Common Ground to Advance Sustainable Capitalism. Based on interviews with corporate directors and investors, it provides guidance on defining and measuring corporate purpose, distinguishing ESG from purpose and how to foster dialogue between investors and stakeholders on corporate purpose. Thanks to Coro Strandberg for sharing this resource.

quote of the week

“There is now a general recognition of the need for an alignment of stakeholder value, or said a different way, of purposeful companies.”



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CEO Enactus Canada. Past: VP, Impact MaRS. Lecturer MBET, U Waterloo. Thinker in Residence, Australia. Social entrepreneurship, Business for Purpose (B4PN)